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Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu and a metropolitan city of India. It is a travellers paradise as it offers the pleasures of both land and sea through its magnificent churches, old heritage temples and vast beaches. The city is also famous for its culinary and shopping scene.

Chennai’s history dates back to the time it was known as Madras in the 1600’s when English settlement was established in the country. Hence, a major part of it still witnesses British influence in its Raj-era historical monuments and lingual preferences. Today, the city is westernised in the sense of holding a major cultural, educational and commercial setting with flourishing technology, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

In a recent survey, Chennai was rated as the safest city in India and also ranked amongst the top 10 cities in India to travel in the year 2017, thus making it one of the most visited Indian city by foreigners.

This travel guide to Chennai is designed to offer guidance and tips on all the top things to do and places to visit to plan your perfect trip to Chennai.

Best Time to Visit Chennai

Chennai in Summers (March – June) : The weather in Chennai during summers is known to be very hot and humid due to its proximity to the tropical equator and the coast. These months must be avoided for a comfortable and a pleasant trip to Chennai.

Chennai in Monsoons (July – September) : July to September witness heavy rainfall and strong winds. It may not make for a pleasant stay due to very harsh rains at intervals. However, it is a great option for anyone planning a budget trip to Chennai as it is considered to be an off-season. Hotel prices are low and the city is less crowded.

Chennai in Winters (October to February) : These months are considered to be the best time to plan your holidays in Chennai when the temperature drops down to 20 degree Celsius. The city experiences cool breezes and also constitute for the festive season in Chennai.

How to Reach Chennai

By Air : Chennai is well-connected by its air network with frequent flights both international and domestic flying from its largest airport the Chennai International Airport. It is the third busiest airport in India and is only 7km from city centre.

By Train : Chennai has an extensive rail network being the headquarters of Southern Railways. It is well-connected to many towns and cities by express and super-fast trains. There are two main railways stations in the city- Chennai Central and Egmore.

By Bus : Bus – Touted as one of Asia’s largest bus stations, the Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminal (CMBT) connects to a number of southern states of Pondicherry, Tirupati and Coimbatore. Other local buses also connect to major cities like Kolkata and Bangalore.

By Car/Self Drive : The city offers 5 national highways directly connecting to various neighbouring towns like Bangalore, Madurai, Pondicherry and Kolkata. Many car vendors can be found providing cab facilities like the Avis and Clear Car Rental. The road network is a haven for every road-trip lover, the route from Chennai to Pondicherry, in particular, is a scenic one.

Best Place to Visit in Chennai

  • Parthasarathy Temple

Built in the 8th century,Parthasarathy Temple is Chennai’s oldest temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple features five main figurines dedicated to the various avatars of Lord Vishnu. It holds great religious significance to locals and is frequently visited by travellers from all over the world.

  • Kapaleeshwarar Temple

Controversially the most unmissable site on a trip to Chennai is the Kapaleeshwarar Temple, for its striking riot of colours embedded in the temple’s main structure. Situated on the water’s edge of Mylapore, the temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • San Thome Cathedral

The San Thome Cathedral is a site of both religious and historical importance, dating to the 16th century. It is a beautifully built Roman Catholic cathedral that was later re-built in neo-gothic style, thus adding more charm to it. An interesting fact about the cathedral is of the shrine situated outside it called St Thomas Pole, which is believed to have saved the monument from being destroyed during the Tsunami in 2004. Visitors on their Chennai tour must not give it a miss.

  • Fort St. George

Considered to be amongst the first establishments and presence of the British Raj in India, Fort St George was built in the 1600’s by British. Initially used by the army, it now holds great significance as a historical monument in the city. A number of Chennai travel guides recommend walking around the area filled with churches and museums located nearby.

  • ValluvarKottam

Built as a memorial site in the honour of Saint Tiruvalluvar, a famous poet, this monument features many interesting facts. It is made up of 3000 stones approximately, is inscribed with all 133 chapters from the epic Thirukkural, has a massive auditorium and various epic monuments.

Things to Do in Chennai

  • Taking a stall at the Marina Beach during sunset is one experience not to miss in Chennai.
  • During your holidays in Chennai, pay a visit to the George Town markets and Bazaars where you can find street-side stalls selling vibrant flowers, vegetables and spices.
  • On your trip to Chennai, experience the thrill of bike riding along the East Coast.
  • Indulge in exciting water activities at numerous beach locations. The most recommended by tourist guides for Chennai is Kayaking and surfing.

We hope this ultimate travel guide for Chennai helps with all your travel queries when planning a trip to Chennai. For further detailed information, check out our Chennai tour packages.

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