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Once the capital of the mighty and powerful Chola Dynasty, Thanjavur is an important centre of South Indian art, religion and architecture.Thanjavur is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Monuments. This cultural capital of Tamil Nadu is also commonly known as the temple city. Thanjavur’s structural design stands unparalleled in terms of scale, grandeur and detailing.

Thanjavuris also known for its cotton sarees, handloom silk sarees and the most popular of the items is the Tanjore paintings which are in great demand across the globe. Besides, the simplicity and natural beauty of this town will leave its visitor enthralled.

If you are planning a holiday trip to Thanjavur, have a look at our ultimate travel guide for Thanjavur. Covering all details of paramount importance, this Thanjavur tourism guide is sure toease all your planning stress.

Best Time to Visit Thanjavur

Thanjavur in Winter (October to March) : Winters strike the perfect balance between the warmth of the sun and chilly winds. Thus, you can peacefully opt for all offbeat things to do in Thanjavur when you plan a trip in winter. Trust this tourist guide for Thanjavur and choose winters to enjoy all the sightseeing places in Thanjavur.

Thanjavur in Summer (March to May) : The summers in Thanjavur are the hardest. The sun is scorching and the season is the least comfortable for travellers to plan their trip to Thanjavur. The temperature ranges between 38 to 40 degrees Celsius during the day time.

Thanjavur in Monsoon (June to August) : Brisk showers covers the entire region of Thanjavur resulting in a pleasant temperature and cool atmosphere. Monsoons make it ideal to opt for a holiday in Thanjavur due to flourishing flora and fauna.

How to Reach Thanjavur

By Flight : TheTiruchirappalli International Airport is the nearest international airport from Thanjavur. It is well connected to major countries and other Indian cities such as Dubai, Singapore and Colombo, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, etc.Thanjavur is only an hour’s drive away from this airport.

By Train : Trichy Junctionis just 58 kmsfrom Thanjavur. Mannai Express, Rameswaram Express, Jan Shatabdi Express and many other rail trains provide easy access to Thanjavur from all major cities in India.

By Road : Thanjavuris well connected by road to other cities of Tamil Nadu. You can reach Thanjavur via bus from nearby cities like Chennai, Bangalore, as well. If you plan a trip to Thanjavur with family, travelling by bus is a suitable option. Besides, hiring a car or a cab to reach Thanjavur can also be another good option.

Best Place to Visit in Thanjavur

  • Thanjavur Palace and Museum

The rich Chola heritage is reflected in the huge collection of the palace’s museum. It houses a collection of antiques, paintings, images and art dating back to the 13th century CE.

  • The Brahadeshwara Temple

Also known as the big temple, this tourist attraction in Thanjavurwas built during the Great Chola emperor reign. With its 216 feet shrine and paintings from the Chola and Nayak periods, this temple is an architectural marvel.

  • The Bell Tower

This tower is a tall structure which served as an indication of time back in the days. Climb up and get an aerial view of the Thanjavur city. The construction resembles the modern day skyscrapers and it is popularly known as a rectangular mansion.

  • Vijayanagar Fort

Although most of the fort is in ruins, it still echoes its grandeur and strength that it must have once possessed. This place could not be missed on our Thanjavur tourism guide.The very beautiful Shiva Ganga Gardens also make a part of the fort complex.

  • Gangaikonda Cholapuram

Be thrilled with the history and engineering of this composite. The temple is well-known for having the largest Shivalingam in the southern part of India. The construction embraces complex carvings in the Vimanams.

  • Alangudi Guru Temple

Tamil Nadu has nine temples that are devoted to each of the nine celestial beings. Among the nine planets, this temple is the home of DevguruBrihaspati or the planet Jupiter. Gifting yellow apparels are considered sacred here owing to the yellow hue of the planet.

  • Shiva Ganga Garden

The garden is set in the complex of the Vijayanagar fort. It is a well-manicured garden that is a sight for sore eyes. The temple that is set amidst the garden provided water to the Tanjore Palace and is still functional. It is most popular for its sweet tasting water.

  • Seforji Sarasvati Mahal Library

It is one of the oldest libraries in Asia. Home to plentiful old artefacts and manuscripts, the library gives the visitor a sense of how the primitive world operated. The manuscripts here encompass the facts of the cultural, political and social administration of the Maratha kings of Thanjavur.

Experiences Not to Miss in Thanjavur

  • Camp for a night at the AgayaGangai waterfalls. The site provides for mesmerising views where you can relax and unwind amidst nature.
  • Opt for a cycling tour that will take you through narrow lanes and turns which will let you explore Thanjavurthoroughly.
  • Take a day’s excursion to the town and explore the local cuisine. Sharing stories and spending time with locals is an experience you should not miss when in Thanjavur.
  • Pamper yourself with some natural therapy spa and massages when on your trip to Thanjavur.

We have gathered as much information in this Thanjavur trip guide that will help you ease and plan your trip to Thanjavur. For more information, contact our travel experts at Travel Bug India.

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